CS 472 Web Application Programming:

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Course Description

This course provides a systematic introduction to programming interactive and dynamic web applications. The course is intended for individuals with little or no prior web application programming experience. This offering will use Java servlets and JSP for server side processing. The course will introduce HTML and CSS. JavaScript is a focus of the course, and is covered as a functional programming language including jQuery, Ajax, and JavaScript namespaces and modules. It is a prerequisite for the CS545 Web Application Architecture. It does not cover AngularJS or NodeJS, but the JavaScript covered here will prepare you to learn those technologies. In general, it will be at a slower pace and more basic material. The course will include daily programming assignments and a project at the end. The required textbook is below. The course will closely follow the textbook. You must have a copy of the book for the course. Allow two weeks to order and receive the book (unless you pay the extra cost for expedited shipping, then possibly only one week).

“Web Programming: Step by Step”, Second Edition, by Stepp, Miller, Kirst 2012. The book uses a self-publishing service. This approach keeps the price low ($55) but be sure to allow for extra time to order the book since they print books on demand and this can take a few days before it is even shipped. See http://www.webstepbook.com/ for ordering info.

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