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CS472: Web Programming

September 2015: Profs. Zijlstra and Levi

CS472: Web Application Programming
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Week 1 Theme I: HTML and CSS - The Nature of Life is to Grow
a.m. Intro to Web CSS for Styling Page Layout Basic PHP PHP Continued PHP Debugging
p.m. HTML Basics Lab About Me HW Recipe HW Movie Review Lab Music HW Movie PHP
Eve Lab Homepage
Reading Reading Reading Reading
Week 2 Theme II: Server Side Programming with PHP - Every Action has a Reaction
a.m. Forms and PHP DB and SQL/td> Cookies and
Review Mid-Term JavaScript
p.m. HW NerdLuv NerdLuv
NerdLuv SQL NerdLuv Sessions Intro to MVC JavaScript
Section 6
Eve Reading Reading Reading Reading
Week 3 Theme III: Client Side Programming - Purification Leads to Progress
a.m. JavaScript
Scope, Closures,
Encapsulation I
Module Pattern
Encapsulation II
jQuery Identification
and Traversal
jQuery Node and Tree
Event Handling
p.m. Decorate
Lab 6
ASCII Animation
Homework 8
Module Lab
Lab 6a
Section 7
Mouse Maze
Lab 7
15 Puzzle
Homework 9
Eve Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading
Week 4 Theme IV: Integration - The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts
a.m. AJAX and JSON Dictionary Project Dictionary Project Final Exam
p.m. Section 8 Ajax Lab Dictionary Project Review Dictionary Project
Eve Ajax Books Lab Dictionary Project Review